Thank you for visiting Fire Dancing I'm Suzanne Fetting~Fire Dancer, Fire Poi dancer, Fire Fans dancer, LED Glow Poi dancer, Silk Veils Fans performer, & Ribbon Poi dancer.

Fire Dancing Girl~Fire Poi•Fire Fans•LED Glow Poi Dancer•Silk Fans•Ribbon Poi Dancer!

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Thank you for visiting I’m Suzanne Fetting, a Fire Dancer, Fan Dancer, Fire Spinner, Fire Poi Performer from beautiful Vancouver, B.C.

My introduction to the art of Fire Dancing was at a Halloween event many years ago. I had never seen anything like it before, and I was in awe.

As I watched the performance my body was covered in goosebumps and I immediately knew I had to learn how to dance with fire.

Fire is mesmerizing, beautiful, soothing and dangerous all at the same time.

Fire dancing came quite naturally to me with my love of fire and of dancing. Include the thrill of danger and excitement …count me in! I enjoy transforming fear into pleasure and excitement!

I had been spinning ribbon and fire poi for a few years and started performing at events held by friends. This resulted in my being asked to do other fire shows, at which point I decided to turn my hobby into a part-time business.

I have performed at a wide variety of events in many cities and countries. You can check out my photos and videos of some of my fire performances throughout Vancouver, Thailand, Hawaii and Mexico on my gallery page HERE

In addition to spinning fire, I am a Confidence Coach and the founder of Absolute Confidence. My passion is inspiring and empowering women to breakthrough their fears and limitations and discover their authentic selves so they live an awesome,fulfilling life!
To learn more about my success with Absolute Confidence and High Heel Appeal, you can CLICK HERE to visit my other website.

My whirling circles of flames will thrill and fascinate any crowd while creating a unique and memorable event experience for your guests.

I am fully commitment to fire safety, as fire can be a dangerous element if not handled with caution and care.

I am a professional fire dancer, who prides myself on safety and has a perfect record with no incidents in over 8 years.

I adhere to a strict safety regime that ensures that you, your venue and the audience are safe at all times.


Get your guests FIRED UP at your next event!

Please contact me for pricing. Click here!

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