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About Suzanne Fetting

My introduction to the art of Fire Dancing was at a Halloween event back in 2006. I had never seen anything like it before and I was in awe!

As I watched the performance my body was covered in goosebumps and I immediately knew I had to learn how to dance with fire.

Fire is mesmerizing, beautiful, soothing and dangerous all at the same time.

Fire dancing came quite naturally to me with my love of fire and of dancing. Include the thrill of danger and excitement and I'm totally in! I enjoy transforming fear into pleasure and excitement!


I was spinning ribbon and fire poi for a few years and then  started performing at various events that were being held by friends. 

This resulted in being asked to do many other fire shows, at which point I decided to turn my hobby into a part time business.

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⭐️ In addition to fire dancing, I am a Confidence Coach and the founder of Absolute Confidence which I founded in  2008. My passion and vision is to inspire and empower women to breakthrough their fears and limitations,

to discover their authentic selves, so that they can live

a FUN and FULFILLING life!!!


⭐️To learn more about my other businesses, Absolute Confidence and High Heel Appeal,

You can CLICK HERE to visit my other website.


I also have an extensive background in event planning, marketing and promotions.


I am an avid traveller who has lived in several countries and is available for bookings anywhere in the world!

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